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Find out why Novagraaf and PAVIS have joined forces, and our combined vision for a new breed of IP provider.

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Introducing NovumIP

Novagraaf and PAVIS have joined forces to create a new breed of IP provider: NovumIP.

Through our combined offering, we are able to provide clients with an even greater range of legal and consulting, IP administration and technology-led services wherever, whenever and however they need it.


Relationships come first

Our commitment to customers

We are committed to serving our 12,000+ clients with uncompromising integrity and expertise. Building upon the deep customer knowledge, first-rate service and rigorous attention to detail of both Novagraaf and PAVIS, we have created NovumIP to become a new force in the IP market and the global IP benchmark for all your business needs.

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A combined force

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As NovumIP, we have a united team of 380 IP specialists, including some of the world’s foremost patent, design and trademark attorneys, and industry and IP process specialists. Trust us to invest time and effort to get to know your business, so we can provide the intelligent, meaningful legal consulting and IP support solutions that you need to increase and protect your IP value.

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Our roots

A shared DNA

We joined forces to launch NovumIP in 2019 because we recognised the importance to businesses of working with a single go-to resource for all their needs. We have combined Novagraaf’s more than 130 years of legal and consulting experience with PAVIS’s experience of high volume IP administration, and both companies’ tech-enabled IP approach to service delivery, to offer clients a new way of managing their IP.

Our vision

Smart thinking and smart technology

Our goal is to further integrate knowledge and technology within our consultancy and support services to help our clients manage their IP in smarter and more effective ways. We strive to exceed expectations to build meaningful relationships with our clients, based on trust, quality and mutual understanding. Join us on this journey by connecting with us today. 

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