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Thank you for your interest in NovumIP's inaugural IP Industry Outlook. You can download the global report below.


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Download 'From Recovery to Resilience: A U.S. IP Industry Outlook'.
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As part of our latest industry research, we asked more than 500 IP professionals what impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their IP portfolios and budgets, and how IP service providers can assist in overcoming current and future challenges.

Our resulting 'IP Industry Outlook 2021' global report offers some fascinating insights, including:

  • The biggest challenges facing the IP sector, including how the coronavirus pandemic has affected IP portfolio acquisition and management;
  • IP investment priorities for 2021 and beyond, including areas in which IP professionals would like to see industry-wide developments;
  • The role of the IP service provider, including opportunities for suppliers to improve their offerings to best serve IP departments and IP law firms;
  • The implications of industry consolidation for IP professionals, as well as their perspectives on IP management technologies, budgets, future priorities, and much much more.

Download the complete report below, or find out about our latest report on the IP industry outlook for the US.

Download the 'IP industry outlook 2021'

IP Industry Outlook 2021

Download a copy of our inaugural IP Industry Outlook 2021 report, for helpful insight and guidance that will enable you to:

  • Benchmark key areas of investment for the year ahead, from IP filing and prosecution, and annuities and renewals, to supplier services and technologies.
  • Demonstrate the impact of effective IP management strategies; for example, centralisation of IP portfolios and/or suppliers.
  • Understand the challenges faced across IP departments and law firms across industry sectors, as a result of COVID-19 and related social and political situations.
  • Anticipate and overcome potential obstacles to communicating the value of IP to corporate stakeholders through benchmarking of budgets and future priorities.