Insights 14.07.2020

A manifesto for the IP profession

Read our three priorities for value creation in the new global IP economy

In the last 10-15 years, IP has moved into the mainstream of the global economy, opening up a new set of opportunities and challenges for IP professionals. 

To succeed in this new environment will require smart new IP solutions, as companies turn to their IP advisers to provide more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage both reliable IP advice and routine administrative tasks across the world.

In our new manifesto, Smart IP: Three priorities for value creation in the new global IP economy, we set out three challenges that we believe can all be solved through the right industry investment and by committing to improving the experience of IP professionals. The result will be a better functioning, more efficient and therefore more productive IP market, with businesses able to generate greater value from their IP assets.

Find out about our three pillars for progress – empowering IP professionals, delivering efficiencies and value creation – on our dedicated manifesto page here.

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