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Five key IP management trends for 2021

The top five IP management trends for IP owners in 2021, according to our latest industry research.
Adapting to Brexit

If there's one thing we knew for sure would have an impact in 2021, it was Brexit. Britain's exit from the EU finally came into effect at the end of last year, presenting a huge challenge to IP professionals across Europe and beyond who now have to negotiate a new layer of IP complexity protecting and enforcing rights in the region.

Although the conversion of EU trademarks and designs into UK clones took place automatically at the end of the transition period, there are a number of key deadlines and procedural changes of which rights holders need to be aware. In particular, pending EU rights need to be converted into UK rights within the designated nine-month period (up to and including 30 September 2021), if they are to retain the same filing date as the pending EU right; and, a UK-based representative should be designated in order to meet new address for service requirements for all new UK applications moving forward.

Find out more about the new Brexit requirements, including advice on how to manage renewals, contentious proceedings, customs notices, and supplementary protection certificates, in Novagraaf's detailed Brexit and IP FAQs.

Recovery from COVID-19

The pandemic has had serious implications for the IP industry, with 88% of IP professionals feeling the impact of COVID-19 on their organisation, according to our recent industry benchmarking research. However, our research also predicts a rebound in 2021 as economies recover and innovation thrives. We expect IP filings to increase and a number of industries to grow over the next few years, with connected devices, telemedicine and cybersecurity taking centre stage. Find out more in our IP Industry Outlook 2021 global report, or download our latest US-specific analysis: From Recovery to Resilience: A U.S. IP Industry Outlook.


The virtual IP battleground

The pandemic has accelerated the switch to digital channels for products and services, with e-commerce online marketplaces, apps and social media thriving during lockdowns. This brings both opportunities and challenges for brands, which must navigate the complex field of online counterfeiting and brand infringement, as well as rising security challenges, such as phishing and hijacking.

Our Online Brand Protection services help businesses by integrating and automating monitoring and enforcement to take the pressure off in-house teams, helping them to establish and execute effective online brand protection strategies without expending valuable in-house time and resources.

The combined online monitoring and rights enforcement solution detects threats to a brand by channel to predefined criteria, capturing the infringement in a centralised online case management system, triggering pre-agreed automated workflows proportionate to the threat, and linking directly to our Legal & Consulting advisory services. Find out more


Digital transformation

Last year, organisations moved quickly to evolve their working methods in light of COVID-19, with IP owners and their providers switching to online channels, and patent and trademark offices across the world adapting procedural requirements, timeframes, channels of communication, and much more. As the pandemic continues into another year, remote working has made connectivity a number one priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Read our manifesto to learn why NovumIP has put trusted and efficient technology solutions at the heart of its vision for the future of the IP industry.


Centralisation of data and suppliers

We believe that centralisation of data and suppliers will be a key priority for IP professionals in 2021, as the new business landscape will require more control over and easier access to data, systems and networks. Ultimately, this will mean IP can be more efficiently maintained, making it easier for IP departments to achieve the global and ‘holistic’ view that is needed to inform decision-making. Find out more in our recent blog: 'How can the IP industry deliver on its promise of efficiency for clients?'

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