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Legal updates 17.05.2021

European Patent Office publishes new guidelines

The EPO's new Guidelines for Examination seek to ensure greater alignment between patent claims, as amended, and the description of a patent before grant, says Sylvain Chaffraix. Read more
Insights 20.04.2021

EP validations: A step-by-step guide

The European Patent (EP) system provides companies with an important structure for protecting and exploiting inventions in Europe. To maximise the benefits of the system, while minimising cost and … Read more
Insights 15.04.2021

Managing priority in US and European patents

While protecting patentable innovations in the US and Europe is the foundation of many corporate patent portfolios, differences in priority arrangements in the US can cause issues obtaining subsequent … Read more
Insights 11.03.2021

Choosing the right asset management model

Companies need to develop the right mix of legal service and formality providers if they are to execute their IP management strategies efficiently, particularly at this time of enforced remote … Read more
Insights 22.02.2021

An update on the Unitary Patent

Plans for the Unitary Patent received a boost at the end of last year, after the German Bundestag and Bundesrat approved the draft law ratifying the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court. Robert … Read more

NovumIP: A new approach to IP service delivery

As IP owners have expanded the size and reach of their portfolios across multiple markets and geographies, the management and enforcement of IP has become a more ​​​challenging undertaking. In our … Read more
Insights 07.01.2021

Setting a strategy for patent annuities

When IP budgets are under scrutiny, spending on patent annuity payments is often one of the first areas to come under the spotlight. Our experts set out how to structure and inform renewals decisions. Read more