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Insights 27.04.2021

Brexit and IP: A question of representation

At the end of 2020, the UK government announced a change to the rules of representation before the UK IPO. New trademark, design and patent applications, and contentious actions at the UK IPO now … Read more
Insights 24.03.2021

Planning for success: trademark availability searching

It takes time, resources and money to create and launch distinctive and effective brands. Make sure the brand name you have chosen is yours to use with a trademark availability search. Read more
Insights 11.03.2021

Choosing the right asset management model

Companies need to develop the right mix of legal service and formality providers if they are to execute their IP management strategies efficiently, particularly at this time of enforced remote … Read more
Insights 23.02.2021

European trademarks and the benefits of a seniority claim

Claiming seniority can enable brand owners to streamline their trademark portfolios in Europe, but a number of key factors should be considered before allowing earlier national registrations to lapse, … Read more

NovumIP: A new approach to IP service delivery

As IP owners have expanded the size and reach of their portfolios across multiple markets and geographies, the management and enforcement of IP has become a more ​​​challenging undertaking. In our … Read more
News 07.04.2020

COVID-19: From branding to product innovation

The full impact of COVID-19 on businesses, individuals and world economies is still unknown, but where some see challenges, others see opportunities or chances to help, as Novagraaf's Vanessa Harrow … Read more