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Through our network of European Patent attorneys, we offer a complete EP validation process across all relevant countries, while our EP Validations Portal enables users to keep full control of the process.

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As a leader in patent filing and prosecution in Europe, we can help you to effectively validate your European patents (EP) in the region. 

The EP system provides companies with an important structure for protecting and exploiting their inventions in Europe. In order to help them to maximise the benefits of the system, while minimising cost and administrative hurdles, NovumIP offers a number of tailored EP validation and portfolio management services.

Introducing our EP Validations Portal

Our easy-to-use web-based EP Validations Portal provides clients with a single access point for all their EP data, including enabling them to generate validation quotes, monitor ongoing cases and view local patent office records. Contact us to request a demo or watch our introductory video below.

Services across the complete EP life cycle

Based on our extensive experience offering EP validations, we have developed a tried-and-tested service that minimises cost and administrative hurdles. Our Europe-wide presence enables us to provide dedicated support to customers seeking to protect and enforce their IP rights in the region. We offer a complete EP validation process in all 44 countries, and also help our customers to manage the administrative tasks involved in meeting deadline and translation requirements, including management of EPO communications under Rule 71(3).

Our experts will manage all rules and regulations, and take care of all necessary actions, including: providing a domestic address for service; payment of fees; and, translation and filing of the specification and/or claims.

Find out about our new EP Validations Portal

A single access point for all your EP data

  • Create your own validation quotes, place orders and monitor ongoing cases;
  • Download validation reports, receipts, translations and invoices;
  • Search by current status (waiting for instruction/in progress/completed) or case reference;
  • Real-time access to all bibliographic data, including records held by the EPO and local country patent offices;
  • Automatic updates and alerts following communications from the EPO, plus reminders to ensure no deadlines are missed;
  • Interface with our annuity and patent portals for a complete view of the complete patent portfolio, including past/future annuity decisions and deadlines.
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How we can help

We specialise in: 

  • Timely completion of all European and domestic validation requirements;
  • Preparation and filing of all validation documents; 
  • Formalities management in all designated countries, including liaising with relevant PTOs;
  • Management of 71(3) communications and related formalities;
  • Competitive and predictable costs;
  • Timely payment of any official fees.




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Why work with us

Our long-standing presence in Europe enables us to offer our clients:

  • A centralised EP validation management service with a single point of contact;
  • Standardised procedures and full transparency;
  • Access to our European network of highly qualified technical translators;
  • Bulk processing, so that you receive one detailed report for each patent asset, and a single invoice;
  • Transparent billing that clearly sets out official fees and the costs charged by agents and translators; 
  • Storage or forwarding of official receipts, correspondence and any other documents;
  • Professional data management, including interfaces with standard IP management systems;
  • An efficient EP portfolio management process that can be combined with our patent annuities service.

Our approach

Take advantage of our expertise and comprehensive service for the national validation of your European patents. We ensure that all deadlines and national requirements are met, and that your European patent is validated in all designated states in good time.

Step 1: Request a quote

Simply provide the EP number and specify the countries in which you wish to validate the patent

Step 2: Approve costs

Our administrative team will contact you with a cost estimate, including translation, agent and official filing fees

Step 3: Complete formalities

We will forward all the necessary documentation requiring your signature, in accordance with each country’s national requirements, so that we can proceed with the matter on your behalf

Step 4: Complete translations

Where translations are required, will we match you to the right translator for your industry sector and specific needs, and provide a second quality check

Step 5: Confirmation

We will set deadlines for filing translations and powers of attorney up to our final validation confirmation

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