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Our trademark, design and patent search and monitoring services will help you to identify and act promptly against potential infringement.

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From standard status reports that monitor core assets against potentially conflicting registrations to global watching strategies that have been pre-filtered and assessed by an IP attorney, we tailor-make our searching and watching services to provide the information and analysis you need.

We deliver one-off or ongoing search and monitoring services, including reporting on status changes at pre-agreed intervals to minimise the demands on your time. All our search and monitoring services cover all relevant global registers and online databases.

Patent, trademark and design searches
Our searching services deliver a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of IP validity. For patents and utility models, this typically includes checking the novelty of a new development, collecting material for opposition or invalidity proceedings, and/or gaining an overview of the existing technical solutions of a specific technology to inform filing strategies. 

For trademarks and designs, our availability searches cover national, international and EU registrations, identifying identical or similar registrations in all relevant registries. Because we provide both legal and IP services capabilities, results can be accompanied by legal opinion and advice. Our depth of experience enables us to highlight potential conflicts that may not otherwise be considered.

Monitoring your assets
The earlier a potential IP infringement or misuse is identified, the easier it is for companies to enforce their rights. Our watching services are designed to help you to keep an eye on your registered assets, so you can promptly and effectively act against infringement at an early stage. We monitor by applicant/owner, classifications, keywords and citations, and identify identical or confusingly similar registrations, as appropriate.

How we can help

We specialise in: 

  • Pre-filtering to reduce volume and irrelevant results;
  • Searching by specific criteria (country, applicant, inventor, patent classification, keyword), or purpose (novelty search, infringement search, family search, citation search);
  • Searching in non-patent literature, if appropriate and required;
  • Monitoring by subject matter (classification and keywords);
  • Competitor monitoring (by company name, proprietor, inventor).
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Why work with us?

Our global presence and long-standing heritage in this field enables us to offer our customers:

  • Global searching and watching programmes that are tailored to your core assets, markets or specific needs;
  • Identical or similar searching and watching that can be accompanied by attorney advice and recommendation;
  • Advanced automation to relieve administrative burden and minimise correspondence;
  • Preview reports at flexible intervals to facilitate efficient deadline and cost control;
  • One central point of contact;
  • Access to our patent and trademark attorneys, and worldwide network of efficient and cost-effective agents.

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