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We offer a range of tech-enabled trademark, design and domain name renewals services, so you can choose the frequency and level of support that best meets your needs.

NovumIP's global design and trademark renewal services provide a reliable and efficient way of maintaining your valuable IP assets. Drawing on our extensive experience in trademark portfolio management and powered by technology, we have created a lean process that allows us to interact with your IP department and/or service providers in a variety of effective ways.

Our proprietary IP management and connectivity tools ensure you are always kept up to date. Our proven workflows help to generate the documents required for each country. This allows us to process the required formal documents and request the necessary signatures and powers of attorney in the way that suits you best.

Due to our worldwide agent network, we have negotiated the best possible prices to ensure competitive tariffs. We emphasise transparency and predictability to ensure you know exactly what you will pay and when.


How we can help

We specialise in:

  • Cost reduction through bundling orders using our worldwide agent network;
  • Timely payment of all official fees, as standard;
  • Express payments – domestic and international;
  • Automated data validation to ensure record quality;
  • Full integration with your technology and processes;
  • Preparation of ready-to-sign documents; and
  • Final check and forwarding of official certificates.


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Why work with us?

Our global presence and long-standing heritage in IP enables us to provide:

  • Flexible solutions customised to your needs;
  • A dedicated trademark renewals team;
  • A central point of contact for all jurisdictions;
  • A competitive worldwide agent network;
  • Peace of mind from professional data management;
  • Transparent and predictable pricing;
  • Access to our proprietary software, which facilitates web-based instruction and provides data insight to inform IP decision making.

Our approach

Take advantage of our long-standing trademark experience and high degree of standardisation and automation to reduce time, costs and administrative burden. We ensure timely renewal of your trademarks and designs, anywhere in the world.

Step 1: Data transfer

via an interface to your IP management system, or by email or hard copy

Step 2: Data verification

using internal plausibility checks

Step 3: Completion of dataset

following exchange and discussion of test reports

Step 4: Preparation of relevant documents

such as powers of attorney, declarations of use etc.

Step 5: Payment of fees

after receipt of final instructions to proceed

Step 6: Confirmation

forwarding of certificates for checking and safekeeping

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Discover our data verification tools

Handling trademark renewals requires considerable checking and verification. Our service has been designed to ensure hassle-free trademark renewal instructions and reporting. We will verify your data using our proprietary, automated tool against a broad range of available data. After detecting any discrepancies, we will work with you to correct them in a structured way. 

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