Take advantage of fully automated data transfer between your IP management system and ours.

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Using PAVIS Connect, we are able to make the administration of your IP rights even more efficient and convenient.

This intelligent XML interface has been developed for the five most common IP management systems, dynamically connecting your database with our systems. Once connected, data including new and amended IP rights as well as payment instructions can be transferred to us in a fully automated and secure manner. As soon as you enter data, our systems will provide feedback if these are complete and correct, reducing the need for duplicated data entry and minimising the risks of data entry error. 

PAVIS Connect is the leading technology solution for XML interfaces and enables you to renew IP rights quickly and conveniently. We are always expanding our collaboration with further suppliers of IP management systems to deliver connectivity to more systems and allow more clients to enjoy data transfer.

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Key benefits

Advantages of PAVIS Connect include:

  • XML interface currently available for five IP management systems;
  • Fully automatic transfer of data, including new and amended IP rights as well as payment instructions;
  • Immediate case processing, feedback and status check at the point of data entry;
  • Secure and encrypted data exchange;
  • Zero manual process steps;
  • Supporting you with data checks and cleaning.
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