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NovumIP Platform Solutions is a smart software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology designed specifically to help patent owners to maximise the potential of their patent data.

The ability to gather, organise, analyse and communicate patent data in a meaningful way can mean competitive advantage, speed-to-market, more accurate budgeting, protection of your R&D efforts, and a means to demonstrate the impact IP makes to the bottom-line.

NovumIP Platform Solutions provides IP professionals with a gateway to valuable insights. Inventions, agent updates, cases, documents, contracts, products, revenue, invoices, costs, claim charts, declarations and standards, and all associated correspondence can all be accessed via one portal, providing a complete view into your patent portfolio.

The technology integrates with any third-party software to facilitate informed and productive IP decisions. This delivers efficiency enhancements in areas such as invention submission and invention management, IP reporting and contract management. In addition, it can act as a fully integrated IP document management solution.

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Technology that makes a difference

Standard features include:  

  • Search: State-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) searching; 
  • Reporting and dashboards: Powerful and customisable presentation of information, irrespective of where it is stored;
  • Mobile access: Allows external and internal stakeholders to work anytime and anywhere;
  • Public data link generation: Automatically generates links to original published documents via PatBase, Espacenet and Google Patents;
  • Audit and security: Full audit trail of all actions and world-class security to ensure your data is always protected. 
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Modular and meaningful

NovumIP Platform Solutions includes targeted modules to assist companies with:

  • Invention Management: Managing the innovation lifecycle can be overwhelming; especially when tasked with increasing the quality and number of new ideas;
  • IP Rights Management: It is a significant investment to protect innovation. Once IP rights are in place, proactive management is essential;
  • Correspondence Management: Ready access to a current and complete set of emails, faxes, official letters and other correspondence types;
  • Documents & Contracts: Control how well your critical documents and contracts are stored, searched for and retrieved;
  • Order & Invoice Management: Achieve a more efficient process for invoice approval so that approvers can focus on more valuable work;
  • Agent Access: Improve overall management and communication with your agent network to save money, gain efficiency and reduce risk.

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