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From drafting to searching, our legal oversight ensures your innovation is protected and commercially viable.


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From drafting technical patents to targeted prior art search and freedom-to-operate analysis, our legal oversight ensures your innovation is protected, enforceable and commercially viable.

Achieve market potential and ensure competitive longevity by maximising your patent assets and R&D spend. From technical drafting to prior art search and freedom-to-operate analysis, NovumIP is unique in our ability to provide legal, commercial and administrative support via a single point of contact.

The NovumIP Group harnesses the breadth of knowledge and technical expertise of an IP law firm with more than 130 years of experience providing expert legal advice to organisations of all sizes and from a variety of industries.

Our Europe-wide network of patent attorneys and engineers is backed by strategic advisers and specialised back office teams to deliver legal certainty, business insights and efficient patent support services.

How we can help

We specialise in:

  • Advanced patent searching services, including prior art and FTO analysis and opinion;
  • Quality patent drafting, drawing on deep sector expertise and a commercial focus;
  • Lower cost ‘hybrid’ drafting services for non-core patent rights (on and offshore);
  • Patent validity searches with opinion in case of disputes;
  • Clearance for new product features prior to market launch;
  • White spot and landscape analysis to provide broad technology-specific protection.
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Why work with us?

Whether you need a set service or a tailored approach, we take the strain out of changing supplier by always putting the customer first:

  • Unrivalled network of patent attorneys specialising in patent drafting and searching;
  • Europe-wide presence, including national and European-qualified patent attorneys;
  • In-depth technical expertise across your technology areas, including specialist teams focusing on Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Software and IT, and Mechanics, including material processing;
  • Legal oversight applied to highly administrative tasks to ensure patents are legally sound, protected and commercially viable;
  • Able to scale up to manage bulk drafting and searching projects;
  • Innovative approach to patent drafting, including fixed-fee managed solutions.

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