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We work with clients to establish and manage IP strategies and portfolios that support and deliver on their corporate goals.

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Take the pressure off your internal resources by partnering with an IP group experienced in developing and implementing IP strategies that align with corporate goals.

Our strategic IP management services help to maximise the potential of your IP assets, measuring their contribution to your bottom line and providing the portfolio insight you need to achieve your commercial objectives.

Whether you are looking to expand geographically, bring IP to market faster or find sophisticated ways to manage your IP rights in the digital age, our IP attorneys specialise in developing a strategic approach that meets your organisation's unique needs.

Smart IP solutions for all your business needs

From initial strategy development to ongoing portfolio management, we apply smart thinking and smart technology to increase and protect your IP value. Through our unique Innovation Capture methodology, we enable companies to identify and protect R&D output, while our IP portfolio auditing and benchmarking services will enable you to assess and improve the current strength of IP assets. 

Our modular and meaningful IP solutions have been designed to ease the pressure on busy corporate IP departments, by assisting in day-to-day operations, picking up overflow work or providing the back-up needed to stay fully in control. Partner with us today to benefit from business-focused legal advice that is fully integrated with efficiency-gaining support services and state-of-the-art technology.

How we can help

Talk to our experts about:

  • IP development and filing strategies to help realise corporate goals;
  • Day-to-day portfolio management – outsource your entire IP workload to us;
  • Innovation capture – identify and evaluate the potential of your R&D;
  • IP portfolio audits – legal, administrative and commercial focus;
  • Competitor analysis, landscape reports and industry benchmarking;
  • Act swiftly and proportionately against counterfeits and online infringement. 
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Why work with us?

Whether you need a set service or a tailored approach, we take the strain out of changing supplier by always putting the customer first:

  • More than 380 IP attorneys and administrative experts in patent, trademark and design law;
  • A strategic and commercial focus to all activities;
  • Industry and sector-wide expertise, from SMEs and universities to global multinationals;
  • Strategic services across the entire IP life cycle, from acquisition to enforcement;
  • Account management designed to take the pressure off in-house teams;
  • Local point of contact with the network to provide a global approach;
  • Sophisticated reporting and IP data management tools.

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