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Our Online Brand Protection services help businesses to achieve more with less by integrating and automating monitoring and enforcement.

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One of the key challenges facing businesses today is how to establish and execute effective online brand protection strategies without expending valuable in-house time and resources.

If brand owners are to meet the threat of online infringement, they need to be able to act quickly and proportionately, and with minimal disruption to their internal teams.

That’s why we offer a combined online monitoring and rights enforcement solution that: detects threats to a brand by channel to predefined criteria; triggers pre-agreed automated workflows proportionate to the threat; captures the infringement in a centralised online case management system (CMS); and is fully integrated into our complete range of Legal & Consulting services.

Via a single log-in, this unique service will enable you to rapidly and cost-effectively safeguard your valuable IP assets and protect your customers in today’s complex digital environment.


How we can help

Talk to our experts about:

  • Pre-defining enforcement actions;
  • Automating common activities via the CMS for rapid, cost-effective and proactive enforcement;
  • Targeting activity by channel (apps, domain names, marketplaces, social media, web content);
  • Status reports, with results available via our single portal, combining analyst and attorney expertise;
  • Our global network of IP attorneys, enabling additional enforcement activities to be taken rapidly and strategically, irrespective of geography.
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Why work with us?

Our smart technology provides instant access to predefined results, enforcement workflows and tailored attorney advice. This means:

  • Pre-defined enforcement actions, reducing the demands on your in-house teams;
  • Automated and 'bulk' enforcement activities to ensure rapid and cost-effective response;
  • Activity is targeted by type of threat and proportionate to the level of risk;
  • Monitoring and enforcement results are available via a single portal, combining analyst and attorney expertise;
  • Cost-effective safeguarding of valuable IP assets via a single log-in;
  • Practical solutions in line with your wider IP strategy;
  • Precision strikes informed by data and results.

Our approach

Our smart technology provides instant access to predefined results, enforcement workflows and tailored attorney advice.

Step 1: Landscape report

we undertake an initial survey of the online threat landscape to determine the parameters of monitoring and enforcement, and to pre-specify the necessary actions, budget and triggers for additional strategic activities.

Step 2: Identify modules for monitoring

choose from apps, domain names, marketplaces, social media and web content, depending on the identified risks to your brand.

Step 3: Strategic enforcement

our standard enforcement workflows automate platform takedowns, and cease and desist letters, and enable bulk actions. Our advanced enforcement workflows facilitate relevant follow-up activities.

Step 4: Tracking and reporting

our service enables you to track and measure activities through a web-enabled and fully secure advanced CMS. Centralised data is crucial to identifying repeat offenders or recurring infringement, and allows activities to be prioritised.

Step 5: Complementary services

we also assist with test purchases, in-depth investigations and reputation monitoring, as well as litigation where disputes cannot be resolved through our standard or advanced enforcement procedures.

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Find out about our IP technology

Our IP technology and software solutions range from advanced IP management tools to specialist software-as-a-service platforms, and connectivity solutions that automatically communicate with systems you already have in place. By integrating technology and knowledge with consultancy and IP support services, we enable customers to manage highly administrative tasks with minimal fuss. 

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