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By combining the market-leading solutions of Novagraaf and PAVIS, NovumIP provides clients with modular, meaningful IP solutions that draw on the best IP experts and the right IP technology. Our IP technology and software solutions range from advanced IP management tools to specialist software-as-a-service platform solutions, including:

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Platform solutions

NovumIP Platform Solutions is a smart software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology designed specifically to help patent owners to maximise the potential of their patent data. It is a gateway to valuable insights: Inventors, agents, cases, documents, contracts, products, revenue, invoices, costs, claim charts, declarations and standards, and all associated correspondence can all be accessed via one portal, providing a complete view into your patent portfolio.

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Connectivity solutions

Our interfaces allow you to transfer data, including new and amended IP rights and payment instructions, directly from your IP management software package to us. PAVIS Connect is an intelligent interface, which makes it even more convenient: it communicates automatically with your system and saves you valuable time.

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IP management tools

Gain the access and oversight you need to fully optimise your IP portfolio. We offer a range of online instruction portals and IP management tools for companies and law firms that don’t currently have an IP management system in place.

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NovumIP services will be delivered by Novagraaf and PAVIS, and their subsidiaries.